The 2011 Iron Composer Challenge

The composers were assigned to write for organ and antique music boxes.

The main organ in Gamble Auditorium was built in 1914 by the Austin Organ company, which is the only major manufacturer from the Grand Period of American organ building still in existence today. The organ was rebuilt in 1979. It is a 4-manual organ, with 74 ranks. Each manual has 61 notes, and there are 32 note pedals.

The Regina Music Box company was established in 1892 in Rahway, New Jersey. Gustave Brachhausen, who had worked for the Polyphon music box company in Germany, established Regina Music Boxes in America, recognizing an untapped market. By 1921, the company had ceased production, with sales only ever totaling a little over 100,000 boxes.

The composers were given 11 discs to choose from:

“If I But Knew”
“Two Sweethearts Song”
“Cavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo”
“Priscilla Colonial Intermezzo”
“Miller in the Black Forest”
“Selection from Lucia de Lammermoor”
“Nearer My God to Thee”
“You’re As Welcome as the Flower in May”
“The Charlatan March”
“Smokey Mokes”
“Abide With Me”

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