“Thanks for the Lobster” Now on Sale!

You can support Iron Composer by purchasing a copy of Thanks for the Lobster & other Regina Music Box Favorites. Every song and album sold directly benefits Iron Composer and helps us insure that it returns in 2014! For liner notes, photos, and more information about the album, click here.

The album is on sale now at iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, & Nokia.

Thanks for the Lobster is a collection of music box recordings featuring instruments and discs that were built by the Regina company more than 100 years ago. Regina music boxes use flat discs instead of cylinders, and they were renowned for their sumptuous tone. The songs reflect the popular music from the late 19th century, ranging from hymns and marches to opera and musical comedy numbers, not to mention novelty songs like the title track. The arrangements have their own peculiar quirks as well, with an extraordinary amount of filigree on the melodies in order to show off the musical range of the music boxes.

Originally assigned as the secret ingredient in Iron Composer 2011, Analog Arts liked the sound of these Regina music boxes so much that they decided to record an album of them. Every song and album sold will directly benefit the Iron Composer competition.

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