Iron Composer 2013 Results!

Analog Arts is very happy to announce that Jakub Polaczyk is the new Iron Composer! In one of the closest finishes in Iron Composer history, Jakub managed to edge out two other finalists who were tied just 4 points below his total of 120 (out of 150 points).

Can Bilir and David Wolfson both registered totals of 116, but with a higher overall score in the “Use of Secret Ingredient” and “Originality” categories, Can won the tiebreaker to take 2nd prize. David took home the 3rd prize. Jennifer Jolley was only 2 points back to take 4th prize, and Christoffer Schunk came in at 109 to earn the 5th prize.

There was only an 11-point difference between 1st and 5th place!

The Audience Favorite Award was presented for the first time since 2008, and Jennifer Jolley won the trophy with a total of 45 votes via text message from the audience.

Use of Secret Ingredient
Technical Command

Overall Presentation


Can Bilir31382423116
Jennifer Jolley33292428114
Jakub Polaczyk34402422120
Christoffer Schunk27342325109
David Wolfson24353027116
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